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Space planes

Add space planes


I loved more so because I like space but such a fun game. :) 5 stares

They Gave Up

Hasn’t been updated in 2yrs, the game get’s kinda bland it would be nice if they added more stuff. But other than that they have up on the game.

Can’t even get the app back

I bought this game like a month ago and now I can’t even download it back and also same problem with the simple plane or something like that. Please help


I loved this game at first. I've been playing since it had come out- but there is an absence of something. The creator(s) of this game are not adding updates! FOR TWO TEARS. Come on guys, I saw more potential and I know you can do it. Don't let the new game, Spaceflight Simulator beat you up too much. They will catch up. I promise

Great Game thanks Jundroo!!!!!

Thanks! I will be buying every SimpleRockets and I love this game! I love the mods option, rockets, realism, and I the fun! The only thing I would want in SimpleRockets 2, is for sure mods, but also maybe keyboard and mouse support? So it’s more like a Rocket ship control deck. Thanks again Jundroo!

Love the game, one problem

I absolutely love the game. There is only one aspect of the game which I can not accomplish. It is the rendezvous with satellites I’ll either be too high or too low. With the launch of SimpleRockets2 I ask you to please incorporate a navigation system to smoothly guide your rocket to the target so long that the so called target also has a navigation system on board and is in the same planets gravitational pull. Thank you for reading and I hope to see this In SimpleRockets2.

Good game, but needs more!

It’s fun and exiting! But needs more options and parts for editing and building your rocket. I doubt this plea will be heard but if it is that would be greatly appreciated. Also if you add more you could up the game price to $4.99

Awesome game

This game has taught me alot about physics and how fun it is it to play with it.

Idea for a game PLEASE read

I love this game. But there should be a game that is like this but it is a burning city simulator, where you have to start a fire and see if you can burn down bigger cities as you go on.



This game gets a sequel!

As some of you have heard Jundroo has announced Simplerockets 2! That will be 3D and stuff! Yes it's coming this year.

Great game

I love the way you install mods first off! This is an extremely addictive game. I haven't been able to put it down for 2 years now.

Great game

Kinda like a mini version of kerbal space program (which is a great game btw)

Played KSP?

This is like a 2D, pow powered version of KSP. definitely a good game


This game is amazing, and it has an unbeatable price!!! It taught me a lot of basic rocket science while having fun. The 2 things I would add though would be multiple attachment points, for stability, and the ability to create and unlock locations, like simple planes. Other than that, this is one of the best space games and mobile games I've seen!

Please read, good info for potential buyer

It is the best game I ever played. It takes a while before you get everything but then it is awesome. I rank it up there with or past Minecraft and Clash of Clans (for me that means a lot) the thing is though it is relatively simple I do not recommend it for young children. They will not get it, give up and never look at it again. Also it sometimes crashes, which is really annoying because whatever ship you were on disappears. But it does save the design of whichever ship you last launched. Please fix the crashing but other than that it is awesome.


This game is really fun but please put in a command pod in the craft please

Best game ever

I don't write reviews much, but when I do, it's a good game

Great game but..

First off, this game is worth every cent I put into it. Second, please fix struts. If I want to attach multiple struts to each other, the only will attach to one, and the whole thing will go haywire. Third, while mod support is great, it could be better. Just look at your other game, Simpleplanes. That has amazing mod support. If you could implement that into this, then that would be amazing.


Update please

Best IOS game ever made!!!

I love this game so much! I can't even explain how much I love this game! But could you add some more advanced technology to add on the space crafts? Also add rotation to planets. But honestly I would rate this game 10 stars if I could!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Don't know what the hype is all about

This is a 99cents game at most, to sum it up quickly, you put and engine and a fuel tank and you're good to go. The selection and building process can be very confusing and irritating because it's impossible to select the specific piece of the rocket you want to move. Really wish I could get my money back on this one.

Please read

Could you please add dwarf planets and more moons. When building a rocket, could you please add more parts to add a customizable aspect to the game. When launching a rocket the different parts tend to "fray" while flying. I'm currently building the ISS and it has over 30 docks and counting. When I build it the game makes it possible to dock satellites at an angle, over time this makes the space station become curved and wobbly. Could you please make the docks more stiff and add a button that says,"Straighten all dock." When I was trying to land on Smalley's Comet, it said I had an encounter when I really didn't. I think this is a great game. You don't find many game on the AppStore with this capability. I hope you will read these request and take them into your considerations. Thank you.

Won't change view

It won't let me turn my view to horizontal


Satisfying science simulation

Awesome........ but improvements

Love it but it needs some improvements 1 other stars ,planets, and moons .2 new plasma engines , plasma containers, and plasma collector 3 new comets 4 fix a bug that makes comets shake to death

Needs update

The game is AWSOME!!! But needs an update. Would you consider adding a heat shield and atmosphere heating to the game? I would REALLY appreciate it! Once again... GOOD GAME -Me

Enjoyable but boring after a wile


Very fun

I like this game because of its insane physics engine. I highly recommend this game for people searching for a realistic, fun mobile game. Real rocket science is adopted into the game making it a challenge. Highly recommend the tutorials, for they are very helpful.

Good but

This is so fun but it needs a re-entry effect it also need people and a smluto(pluto) Keep up the good work.😄

Great game but needs...

This game needs more rocket customizations to make it better for space travel. There is a new solar system that we found called Trappist-1 it would be amazing if you guys could put that in the game. P.S. thanks for reading


This game is amazing. My son loves space. He begged me to get him the game, and I'm glad I did. He plays it all day and he loves to come sit on my lap we build rockets together. We've not had many successes😅 but it's the time that I get to spend with him that matters, if you are reading this please buy this game, I promise you, you won't regret it

Great game

It's a fun enjoyable game. It is almost like 2D kerbal space program. Only reason I give it four stars is the rocket parts are just too cartoony for my liking.

I just love it


Worth it

This game is definitely worth your money and time. Highly recommend.


I LOVE this game! This game shows the best physics I've ever seen on a rocket game! I think next the developers should make a simple boats game to create ships and submarines and it would be a good addition to the three games.

This is such an amazing game...

I love all of it. Only wish the items menu was a little easier to use, and the wheel mechanics are a bit off, but besides that it's completely accurate on how much effort it takes to get something to work.


I love this game but I am losing interest in the game so the only thing that can get my interest in it again is if you add more things

Sooooooo good

This I one of the best games for mobile I have ever played. Unlike most mobile rocket games it dose not try to go 3D, wich is a good thing. There is a game called kerble space program for computers that I have not played, but I did look at some videos of people playing it. And it is cinda like this game in 3D. Love the challenges in the game as much as the sandbox and to give you an idea of the Humor in this game this is what the first page of the manual in my words: congratulations on looking at this thing most people just skip it. Amazing game and tons of humor if you look closely!

I love it!

I watched a YouTuber play this game and I always wanted to play kerbal space program so when I saw that this game was for mobile I immediately bought it. It's a lot like kerbal space program and I'm glad it's for mobile. It is a very fun game and it may not be worth the money too some people but I think it's still very fun!

Great game!

This game is a blast! Spent plenty of hours messing around with it. Could use more parts and and an update that allows for more than two pieces to be connected to each other.

Needs something...

I think you should add fairings to the game like those fairings in ksp

Yes!..Space Station creation

This game needs warheads and random UFO encounters 🤓.


This game is awesome and great if you obsess over it in the first 72 hours of owning it, but then it gets a but boring and sometimes the long space travel takes forever, especially when you are try to match orbit with a planet but still get the game

Great, but crashes

I love this game so much and think it might be the best game on the App Store but recently it has been crashing on my iPad mini after I play for approx. 6 minutes. Devs, if you are reading this, please fix the crashing so I can continue to enjoy this wonderful game you have created. If it wasn't for the crashing, I would give this game 5 stars. Thank you for your time.

Doesn't rotate.

No fun to use phone app on tablet. Even if it doesn't take up the whole screen it should at least rotate.

This game is so much fun!!!

This game is so much fun because you can build rockets engineer rockets design rockets and go into other planets! You can also download mods from Reddit or enjoy exploring planets and much more more planets are available from Reddit mod shop!! I recommend this science rocket game for everyone who love space and science and like to learn more about space flight!!


Very fun game the only thing I hate is the connection I think we should be able to connect to 2 points not just 1 other than that 5 stars

YES, but no, at the same time.

I like the whole game in general, as it is very well built, but it doesn't have enough parts. I would like some more parts. Maybe include the ones from the PC version as well?

Love it

Great game. Very fun and educational. Just needs iCloud support


Hey, I am a huge fan of both simple planes and simple rockets, but my favorite game of yours is kernel space program!! You should seriously consider releasing KSP for iPhone 6/6s (because they as of right now have better processing power). I don't know the possibilities of this, but if you price it at around $7 I bet you would make tones off it!

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