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Love it

Great game. Very fun and educational. Just needs iCloud support

YES, but no, at the same time.

I like the whole game in general, as it is very well built, but it doesnt have enough parts. I would like some more parts. Maybe include the ones from the PC version as well?


Very fun game the only thing I hate is the connection I think we should be able to connect to 2 points not just 1 other than that 5 stars

This game is so much fun!!!

This game is so much fun because you can build rockets engineer rockets design rockets and go into other planets! You can also download mods from Reddit or enjoy exploring planets and much more more planets are available from Reddit mod shop!! I recommend this science rocket game for everyone who love space and science and like to learn more about space flight!!

Doesnt rotate.

No fun to use phone app on tablet. Even if it doesnt take up the whole screen it should at least rotate.

Great, but crashes

I love this game so much and think it might be the best game on the App Store but recently it has been crashing on my iPad mini after I play for approx. 6 minutes. Devs, if you are reading this, please fix the crashing so I can continue to enjoy this wonderful game you have created. If it wasnt for the crashing, I would give this game 5 stars. Thank you for your time.

Very good game but..

Please add some of other source of motricity Than rcs Correct the bug when I open the parachute if my rocket point to the other direction the parachute just blow of And pleaaaaaseee make a serious influence of the atmosphere on my velocity, you call that a physics based game ? All the rest is perfect the idea is awesome but as a fan of KSP I cant see a space sim game without the feature above Thanks

Nice game

If you like KSP then youll probably enjoy it!


Finally a great game for people that like to think

Great game

Very fun, has everything to design rockets on the go


Währe gut wenn man noch folgendes hinzufügt (add): - mudule kann man drehen (turn modules) - docking port - raumschiffe bleiben im orbit auch wenn man ein neues baut ( ships fly in the orbit and you can build new ships and the other are in the orbit)

fascinating game

quite a good game (at least in my opinion) , although getting in space is pretty difficult

nice one

i really enjoy the game - its fun. a bit more parts for the rocket were awesome.

New update please

The app is no longer playable, the Rocket is out off Screen... Please update urgently.


One of the best game ever. More challenges and pieces please!!!!!!!


This guy is absolutely awesome. Keeping up that great work man! Edit 2014-02-19 Game is getting even better! Great developer, great game!



Awesome game!

So many possibilities, so many things to try! One of the best games for iOS!

Bad Bug

There is a bug I dont can Open Ships

Love it

This is what the AppStore was made for. Love it. Looking forward to extensions! Can you please add a mode where I can adjust fuel per tank? Make it easier for far away missions.

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